Thiago Oliveira

Thiago Oliveira


Hi, I am Thiago Oliveira, Software Development Consultant

Brazilian, resident in Lisbon, I am a software developer with over 10 years of experience in creating commercial software. Developing software is my daily work and also my passion. I love working with complex systems and, together with the team, propose solutions and solve problems. My main focus is on back-end development using technologies like Java, Spring Framework. Bachelor of Computer Science from the Catholic University of Pernambuco, I work with Java technology since its version 5. I am also Java Certified by Oracle (OCJP 1Z0-851) and Spring Certified Professional (2V0-72.22). My professional dream is to become a Software Architect and lead teams on challenging projects.

#java #spring #microservices #cloud #containers #kubernetes #api



Bachelor of Computer Science

Catholic University of Pernambuco (Brazil) - 2016

Bachelors in Computer Science are qualified to work in different areas of Computing, based on learning that enables scientific knowledge and professional practice that is technologically updated and inserted into the social context. These professionals are able to identify and solve information problems in the contemporary world, through adequate modeling of these problems and the use of computational and human resources in their solutions, researching, analyzing and mastering the information technology process.

Spring Certified Professional

VMWare Spring Professional Develop (2V0-72.22) - 2024

The Spring Certified Professional certification validates a candidate's expertise with major features of Spring and Spring Boot and the candidate’s ability to apply Spring’s features to quickly build and deliver production ready applications.

Oracle Certification Program

Java Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional (1Z0-851) - 2011

An Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer has experience using the Java programming language, understands the basic syntax and structure of the Java programming language and can create Java technology applications that run on server and desktop systems using J2SE 6.0.


Software Engineer

xgeeks / 2022 - Current

As a Consultant, I work in a development and maintenance team for services that offer managed Kubernetes namespaces, allowing clients to deploy containerized applications in a highly available and easily scalable environment. The platform provides a user interface that enables users to deploy and manage applications effortlessly without requiring any additional skills. This is an international project designed to assist technology employees in deploying software on the internal infrastructure of a major German automotive manufacturer.

#mvn #java11 #java17 #springboot #microservices #containers #docker #k8s #git #github #gitworkflow #keycloak #api #postgres #mongoDB #kafka

Software Engineer

Bring Global | Bee Engineering ICT / 2020 - 2022

As a Consultant, I am part of a team dedicated to developing and maintaining services in the banking sector. I worked on a user interface (UI) application where bank clients had access to information related to accounts, transactions, payments, loans, and transfers. Using a distributed architecture, I was responsible for creating and maintaining features published in REST APIs, as well as implementing integrations with internal services. As a backend developer, I played a crucial role in contributing to the ongoing evolution of the services.

#mvn #java8 #java11 #springboot #microservices #containers #docker #k8s #git #bitbucket #jenkins #keycloak #api #postgres #activemq #backbase

Full Stack Engineer

Guararapes Confecções S/A / 2018 - 2020

As a software engineer, I was responsible for creating and maintaining services related to the textile industry. My role involved functionalities related to supply chain management for clothing production in a major Brazilian textile industry. In addition to contributing to the evolution of backend services, I also had the opportunity to showcase my skills in JavaScript, utilizing Angular.

#mvn #java8 #java11 #springboot #microservices #containers #docker #k8s #git #gitlab #jenkins #keycloak #api #oracle #kafka

Software Engineer

Resource IT Solutions / 2018 - 2018

As a Software Engineer Consultant, I was responsible for the creation and maintenance of a judicial process management system. The primary goal was to meet the needs of various segments within the Brazilian Judiciary.

#mvn #java6 #jsf #monolitic #jboss #svn #postgres

Software Engineer and Partner

Ético Software / 2013 - 2017

As a partner and software engineer, I had the opportunity to actively participate in the creation of a Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The system boasts comprehensive functionalities, including business performance management, and is designed to assist in planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting on the financial results of an organization. Employing a monolithic architecture, the system used a relational database and EC2 machines on AWS. Additionally, I participated in travels for requirement gathering and software implementation.

#mvn #java6 #jsf #primefaces #monolitic #tomcat #svn #postgres #ec2

Software Engineer

Aplic Tecnologia / 2011 - 2013

As a software engineer, I was part of the development team for a mobile phone recharge control system. Built on a monolithic architecture and utilizing a relational database, the system managed the resources for phone recharges at retail points, and also generated reports for activity monitoring.

#java6 #jsf #richfaces #monolitic #tomcat #svn #postgres

Software Engineer

Igreja Evangelica Assembleia De Deus Em Pernambuco / 2010 - 2011

Develop solutions for the flow of church-related activities, financial control system maintenance.

#java6 #jsf #richfaces #monolitic #tomcat #svn #postgres

my services

Discover how I can add value to your project

Explore my profile to discover how I can add value to your project, combining technical expertise with an unwavering commitment to excellence.


Creating effective and high-quality code is my mission. I help deliver impactful solutions.

Systems integration

Integration of different systems and platforms to ensure interoperability.

API development

Creation of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow communication between different systems and services.

Time management

Committed to achieving goals and objectives.

my skills

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest

In this section, I outline some of my technology skills. It's important to note that I am always in pursuit of new knowledge. In the ever-evolving technological world we live in, staying updated is crucial.

Language Skills

Portuguese (Native)

English (B1)

Hard Skills


Spring Framework









Cloud Computing







Recommendations from co-workers


Igor de Almeida Lima

Software Enginee


Recordo de Thiago pela sua dedicação, resiliência e competência técnica. Tive o prazer de trabalhar diretamente com ele durante quase 10 meses, e mesmo nesse pouco tempo foi possível observar e aprender com esse excelente profissional. Thiago consegue identificar oportunidades de melhorias e propor solução de forma assertiva, concreta e eficiente. Guardo excelentes memórias dos tempos em que trabalhamos juntos bem como os aprendizados. Não hesito em recomendá-lo como back-end ou front-end, sua habilidade de aprender o torna apto a trabalhar com qualquer tecnologia.


Raphael Alves

QA Lead na Ambev Tech


Thiago é um profissional excelente. Possui um grande entrosamento com o time e contribui na evolução do mesmo. Conhece bastante da parte técnica do Java. Além de frameworks, como o Spring. Recomendo totalmente!


Rivaildo Junior

Desenvolvedor Java/Kotlin


Trabalhei com Thiago em duas empresas e o seu conhecimento técnico é impressionante. Thiago é extremamente comprometido com as metas do projeto e tem uma alta capacidade de aprender rapidamente novas tecnologias. Apesar de sua maior expertise ser com backend, ele se mostrou muito competente quando precisou atuar com frontend, escrevendo códigos com muita qualidade. Por várias vezes Thiago me ajudou quando tive dificuldade com alguma implementação e aprendi bastante com ele.

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